About The Archive

It’s classic Hollywood and it’s the only movie poster collection of its kind. This vast archive from every movie genre includes over 11,000 movie posters from over 55 countries. It is the most comprehensive representation of the film industry that exists. Every great movie you’ve ever heard of is a part of this collection. And, many movies are represented in multiple languages-not just one American movie poster, but several from different countries.

The archive is housed in a secure, temperature controlled environment and is organized by film genre. The archive has been valued at over $3.5M. Some individual posters are worth over $20,000. If you love the movies, help us find the right person to take this archive to the next level. If you know an interested party or have connections in the film industry, contact us through the site or share our story with the world.

Take some time and view some of the great posters in the collection. See our article in Forbes or find out more about Dwight Cleveland.


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